Sunday, August 16, 2009

So Long, and Good Night

Early this year SoftLight began pre-production on it's first film; So Long, and Good Night. A stylized action/comedy with a generous doze of film-noir. With the help of The New Brunswick Filmmakers Co-Operative production began on June 9th, completing principle photography in an intense 15 hours(three evenings) of shooting-a big thanks to a great crew! Post-Production was completed July 4th and SLGN is already awaiting acceptance replies from festivals around the world.

SLGN which was written, produced, directed and edited by William Beatty, follows two under achievers(Kyle Smith - Eddie, and Adam Guidry - Sanderson) at what they do best; taking revenge on boredom, and doling out an onslaught of paranoia. Toting only dart guns, and big band music this unique film is sure to please.

So Long, and Good Night 2009 9min.

You can find the crew, and other info here:

It Begins

Well here we go.

My name is Gary "William" Beatty, and SoftLight Studios has recently become a sole proprietorship under my name. A film production company long in the making, that I hope will meet my goals of becoming a household name. Bringing mass audiences around the world quality cinema, be it through my own material or acquisitions - moviemaking the way it should be, focusing on story and performance.

This blog will become a partner site to the upcoming site and hopefully the .com site which will become the parent site. through the blog I'll keep you up to date on all of ventures and endeavors of SoftLight Studios, as well as my own.